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        The family cotton farm in Texas

My granddog, Flora, who doesn't like the
sewing machine to get more attention than
she does.

You’d have thought since I grew up on a cotton farm, with my grandma, mom and sister all avid quilters, that I would have spent my life quilting.   That was NOT my case. I didn’t want anything to do with sewing all those little pieces of scrap fabric together! Though I had made most of my clothing in high school, after graduating I sewed little more than sleep pants for my daughter and friends. When the sleep pants phase passed, I retired my sewing machine and found other pastimes.

Many years later, in 2011, I was fighting depression and knew I had to get up and do something! I was made aware of ConKerr Cancer*, an organization which made bright and happy pillowcases for children in hospitals.   I loved thinking I was helping someone by making those pillowcases and quickly became addicted to collecting novelty cottons!   In my search for more fabric, I stumbled upon a quilt shop offering “bring your own project” classes.   Recognizing the need to be with other people, I signed up thinking I could sew my pillowcases during that time. The other attendees were all sewing quilt tops and before long I was somewhat unwillingly talked into trying an “easy” quilt project. They picked out a pattern with BIG pieces and helped me find the perfect, FUN fabric! It went together quickly, I LOVED doing it and I had such a sense of accomplishment when it was completed!   In my search for similar quilt patterns I saw all the wonderfully contemporary, large blocked quilts. I was hooked and it became a source of great joy!

I found great patterns but I always had to change them up a bit – adding things, taking things away, trying something different. The local quilt shop hung a few of my quilts as samples and when customers started asking for the patterns, the shop owners and staff encouraged me to start writing the instructions. It the coolest thing EVER when I see a finished quilt that someone has made from one of my patterns!

A few patterns and a couple of hundred quilts later, I still love collecting fabric, starting new projects and I especially LOVE playing around with some new concept.   I am full of awe and amazement that something I wasn’t even interested in would become such a passion and has given me a new joyful purpose.

This website is here for you to find a pattern and, maybe some fabric, the making of which will bring you joy! Thanks for visiting!

Susie Holder

*ConKerr Cancer has changed to Ryan’s Case for Smiles,

High Desert Community Quilters Guild

Cotton Glory Quilts is a member and supporter of the High Desert Community Quilters (HDCQ) Guild. We sponsor this guild through product donations. The HDCQ Guild is a small group of quilters whose primary focus is to make quilts and pillowcases for the children spending Christmas in San Bernardino County domestic violence shelters. The quilts are given to the children as part of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department 'Gift of Love' annual event. They also have a selection of quilts set aside in their Community Chest for disaster victims.

Please visit their website for more